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Explore Veiled Tales & Covert Histories

The Gaslamp Experience – Unleashing San Diego’s Untold Tales in the Heart of it’s Downtown!

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the fascinating world of the San Diego Gaslamp Historical Walking Tour. Prepare to embark on a journey through time, delving into the rich history of downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp district.

Step back into the wild, untamed days of the Old West, where saloons, gambling halls, opium dens, and brothels thrived. Join us as we traverse the streets and alleyways, unraveling the secrets and tales that lay hidden within these historic walls.

Throughout our tour, we shall unveil a myriad of captivating stories and peculiar locations. Discover where the legendary Wyatt Earp once resided, indulged in gambling, and sought solace in libations. Marvel at the existence of San Diego’s first bizarre zoo, nestled inconspicuously in the heart of downtown.

Join us, as we visit nearly 40 locations, immersing ourselves in the history, intrigue, and peculiarities of the San Diego Gaslamp district. Let us honor the legacy of those who came before us, as we follow in the footsteps of a tour guide who left an indelible mark on history.

Remember, my friends, on this tour, we strive to make your experience not only educational but also entertaining and captivating. Our knowledge is derived from meticulous research, on-location exploration, historical documentation, books, and conversations with esteemed historians.

Bring your walking shoes as we experience the sights of historical buildings of the past. You will walk approximately a  1 mile and 1/2  over a two-hour period.

So, without further ado, let us embark on this extraordinary journey through time, where the past comes alive, and the stories of yesteryear weave their enchantment upon us all. Welcome to the San Diego Gaslamp Historical Walking Tour.


2 hours


1.5 mile


Sort of Friendly


meeting place

Meet by the Gaslamp Quarter Arch near Starbucks and the Hardrock

209 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

Haunted Ghost Bus Meet Old town

Visit Old Town, Sherman Heights & Gaslamp
$ 48
Per Person. Discounted On Our Sites
  • #1 Highest Reviews on Fbook, Yelp, Google & TA All Real
  • 5 Locations & You Enter 4
  • 2 Hours. Get Out At Each Location
  • Our Coffin on Wheels
  • Costumed Boss Hosts
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Haunted Gaslamp Walking Ghost

20+ Locations Downtown. Enter 2.
$ 35
Per Person. Pay More Other Places.
  • Fast Paced in SD's Party Central
  • 4.9 Stars on Google, Yelp & TA
  • 2 Hours. 2 Miles Walked.
  • Ghosts, Brothels, Serial Killers
  • Costumed Boss Hosts
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Haunted Old Town Walking Ghost

Exclusive Touring Access of Heritage Park
$ 35
Per Person. More Expensive Elsewhere.
  • History. Paranormal Investigation.
  • 4.5 - 4.7 On Google & Yelp
  • 90 Minutes. Light Walking.
  • Ghost Stories.
  • Costumed Boss Hosts
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Paranormal Investigation

Investigation Event. Tool Use.
$ 41
Per Person. Available Only Here
  • Learn Tools and to Ghost Hunt Like on TV
  • Secret Event Not Public
  • 90 Minutes + Light Walks
  • Genuine Experiences
  • Para Investigator Led
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Old Town History

Captivating, Immersive, Authentic.
$ 25
Per Person. Available Only Here
  • True Storytelling. Historical Landmarks
  • Local Heritage Experts
  • 90 Minutes. 1.5 Walked
  • Step Back in Time
  • Costumed Boss Hosts
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Gaslamp History

Lively & Notorious
$ 25
Per Person Priced Here.
  • Historian Verified Community Folklore
  • Dark & Light History
  • 2 Hours. 1.5 Walked
  • Architectural Beauty
  • Costumed Boss Hosts
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed



Ou Old Town Tours offers guided tours of the historic Old Town San Diego. Come explore the rich culture and heritage of this picturesque community with an experienced, knowledgeable tour guide and learn about the sites, stories and legends which make it special.


Welcome to the San Diego Gaslamp Historical Walking Tour. Our travels cover San Diego’s downtown Gaslamp development from the 1850s to about 1915. From the old Wild West, with saloons, gambling halls, opium dens and brothels, we’ll take you there.

We hope to see you soon!

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