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Explore the rich culture and heritage of Old Town San Diego with our experienced, knowledgeable, and costumed tour guide! On our Old Town Tours, you’ll get exclusive access to Heritage Park and learn about the sites, stories, and legends that make it and Old Town so special.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to experience this picturesque community in a unique way. Book your tour now and let us show you why Old Town San Diego is worth a visit!

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Welcome to the San Diego Gaslamp Historical Walking Tour! Join us as we explore the vibrant downtown Gaslamp development of San Diego, dating back to the 1850s. Discover the city’s wild Wild West days and get a taste of its saloons, gambling halls, opium dens, and brothels.

This is a can’t-miss opportunity to take a step back in time to the unique culture and history of San Diego. Don’t miss out on this exciting and educational experience – book your tour today!

Welcome to San Diego History Tours!

We are a local tour guide business located in the San Diego Gaslamp District, specializing in giving you a unique and educational experience of the city. Our knowledgeable and friendly tour guides will provide you with all the information you need to make your visit to San Diego memorable.

We’ll share stories and facts about San Diego’s rich history, architecture, and culture on our tours. We’ll even show you many of the city’s hidden gems and secret stories. So whether you’re looking for a unique activity while in San Diego or want to learn more about the city, we’re sure to have something for you. So come explore San Diego with us!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Please join us on one of our experiences, satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Old Town Historical Tour – A little less than 1 mile paced around 120 minutes. It’s an easy walk for all, and you’ll get standing breaks at each location.

San Diego Downtown Historic Tour – A little over 1.5 miles paced just under 2 hours. It’s an easy walk for all. A wheelchair would be more challenging and can be doable; call for more on that. You’ll get many breaks to hear stories as we stop at over 30 locations.

Wheelchairs and Walkers are a challenge going up and down the hill from Heritage – you will need a strong helper. Call for more on that if curious.

Please don’t bring food or drink on tour. If you stop during the tour to get a drink or food, you will be left behind; we must keep moving to fit it all in.

Please don’t smoke or vape during the tour as a courtesy to others. Deep gratitude.

If you enjoy the performance of your host, yes! It is customary to thank them however you see fit. Your host is a trained, experienced, and knowledgeable professional who puts a lot of effort and energy into your experience. Your generosity is always appreciated. It is how the host makes much of their income. Most people tip around $5-$10 per person, though anything is appreciated.

Yes. There are limited spots for each of our tours, and we often sell out well in advance. To ensure that you can join us, reservations and payment are required ahead of time. You can book online or over the phone. If you prefer to pay cash, your only option is to show up at the meeting location at least 20 min before the tour departure. If we have spots available, you can pay cash at that time. PLEASE NOTE: Reservations are highly recommended as empty spots are rare as the tour time approaches.

When you book online, you will get an email saying your spot(s) have been reserved. If the tour minimum has been met, your card will be charged, and you will get another email with details about the tour, where to meet, and so on. Please be at your meeting location 20 minutes before departure time. Enjoy the tour and have fun!



We are the local, mom and pop tour company. Unlike our competitors, we specialize just in San Diego and get the history right. If You want support small and local you are in the right place 🙂

As a Tour Guide at San Diego History Tours, we are proud to provide guests with an in-depth look at some of the city’s most iconic places. Whether visiting the mid-century modern buildings of the Gaslamp or the historic Old Town district, we strive to give an entertaining and educational experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

We all love sharing fascinating stories and anecdotes with the guests who join us on our tours. My goal is to create an enlightening and enjoyable experience while also providing valuable insight into our city’s past. I’m passionate about history and believe that understanding our past can help inform our present and future. That’s why I’m proud to be part of San Diego History Tours, dedicated to helping people explore and appreciate this amazing city’s rich culture and history.

At night we do Ghost Tours | Haunted San Diego Ghost Tours

Our tours are Theatrical History!

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San Diego History Tours offers fun and educational walking tours of San Diego’s vibrant history. Immerse yourself in the unique stories and sights that define this beautiful city.  Visit San Diego’s historical sites, explore its culture and be a part of its story as you explore with a knowledgeable guide. Book now.

Quick History –

San Diego is a city with a rich history that spans more than 200 years. Located in southern California, San Diego was founded in 1769 by Spanish missionaries and has played a significant role in the development of the region. Here are some highlights of San Diego’s history:

The Kumeyaay people were the first inhabitants of the San Diego region, and their presence in the area dates back thousands of years.

In 1769, Spanish missionaries led by Father Junípero Serra established the first European settlement in the region, establishing Mission San Diego de Alcalá. The mission was the first of 21 missions that were established along the California coast by the Spanish.

San Diego became a Mexican territory in 1821 after Mexico gained independence from Spain. During this time, the city’s economy was based on agriculture and trade.

In 1846, during the Mexican-American War, American forces captured San Diego and it became a part of the United States.

San Diego grew rapidly during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, becoming a major port and military center. The city was also a hub for aviation and defense industries during this time.

Today, San Diego is known for its beautiful beaches, diverse culture, and thriving tourism industry. It is also home to a number of important scientific and research institutions, including the University of California, San Diego and the Scripps Research Institute.